If you find yourself to be the owner of car that has long since outlived it’s usefulness, chances are that you are going to need the services of a car removal company. Hiring a car removal company to get rid of your unwanted car can get rid of an eyesore on your property while also netting you a little income.

While selling your car or trading it in would be your best options, in some cases this simply isn’t a realistic option. If your old car has reached a state where it’s value to others is minimal at best, your best option is probably going to be to hire a car removal company. A car removal company will come to your home, pick up your car, pay you, and then sell your old car for parts and scrap. You get the benefits of a little extra income, while also removing a car that was simply taking up space.

Even an old rust bucket could net you some cash!

Finding A Local Car Removal Company

The first step in getting rid of your old car is to find a local car removal company. The good news about this is that you can use a search engine to quickly and easily find a company to come and get your old car. Make sure when choosing your car removal company that you take the time to research them a little.

We recommend checking a site like Yellow Pages or using a search engine you can probably find out what previous customers have thought of them so that you can avoid any companies with a bad reputation. I’ve used Being that we’re based in Australia, we can recommend Rapid Car Removal in Melbourne and Pacific Cash For Cars in Sydney. Both companies have been exceptionally efficient when we’ve needed to sell vehicles in a hurry. You can check out Rapid on Google Plus here.

Vehicles stacked for dismantling at a scrap yard

Getting A Cash For Cars Quote

After finding a local car removal company the next step is to start getting quotes on prices. Make sure that you are honest when describing what kind of car you have, and what it’s condition is. Remember that a car removal company isn’t interested in reselling your car, so appearances don’t mean a lot to them. One of the team here used some of the tips from this Lifehacker article when they were selling their vehicle. It’s worth checking out.

They are going to be selling your car for parts and scrap, so be honest with them. National Car Parts are our first choice when we need to buy high quality second hand parts. Many wreckers will also sell parts. It’s a great way to go, especially if you drive a common vehicle.

By giving an accurate description of your car to the different car removal companies you call you can get accurate quotes, and then choose your best option. You should also make sure to let them know if your car is running or not, so they can arrange for a tow truck if necessary.

Arranging A Time For Vehicle Removal

Once you have chosen the right car removal company the next step is to arrange for them to pick up your old car. When you call to set up the appointment you need to be aware that they are very unlikely to give you an exact time for the pick up.

Instead they will probably give you a time frame of a few hours where they will be able to meet with you to pick up your car. Once you set up your appointment make sure that you keep it, or at the very least give them ample notice if you are forced to cancel. The Wikipedia car removal page has some great information on the process that wreckers go through when they recycle a vehicle.

Making Your Vehicle Easily Accessible

After setting up your appointment with your car removal company make sure that you park your vehicle somewhere that allows easy access to it. When the guy arrives to pick up your car you don’t want to have to take it out of your garage or go through any kind of ordeal to get the vehicle to a point where he can take it. You should also take the time to clean it out ahead of time.

Since the car is being sold for scrap in most cases you don’t really need to worry about how it looks. However what you do need to do is get any personal belonging out of it. Taking the time to prepare your car for being picked up is a courtesy that will surely be appreciated.

Getting Paid By The Car Removal Team

Once the car removal team arrives make sure that they pay you before you allow them to leave with your car. While the chances of a legitimate company trying to rip you off by be slim, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In many cases a car removal company will simply pay you cash for the price you have agreed upon beforehand. Even though you may not make a lot of money on the deal, getting paid by someone and having an old car taken off of your hands is a lot better than having to look at it everyday.

Turn your car into quick cash

Handling The Change Of Ownership

One important thing you need to do is to make sure that the car you get rid of is taken out of your name. How you do this will depend upon the laws where you live, but in many cases you simply need to have a notary stamp the title of your vehicle when you sign it in front of them. Visit the Vic Roads website for more information on selling a car if you’re in┬áVictoria, Australia. A quick Google search should help you find the equivalent authority in your state or country.

This will give you what it is known as an open title allowing you to sign it over to the car removal company when they arrive. It’s very important that you make sure the car is out of your name so that any future responsibility for it is something you no longer have to worry about. Our photographer, Josh, bought a car through Total Car Removal and found that the team there were very helpful with the paperwork involved with the handover.

Getting rid of an old, fairly useless car doesn’t have to be a hassle. You don’t have to go through the aggravation of trying to sell your car, something that can be quite frustrating if your car is in very poor condition. If you are tired of looking at your old car, and want it gone soon, your best bet is to hire a car removal company. Chances are that you’ll never be able to sell your old car to anyone since it has long since seen it’s best days.

By turning to a car removal company you will be finding an easy way out of your problem. They will usually pay you cash, and in most cases will show up to pick up your car within a day or two. By taking the time to do some research you can ensure that you are choosing the right car removal company, one that will treat you professionally and give you a fair price.